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Alain Serkessian

🏢 Mirabel Lodge

Member: Alain Serkessian

Phone: 707-887-1754

Alan Horobin

🏢 Horobin Construction, Inc.

Member: Alan Horobin

Phone: 707-887-7841

Barbara Friedman

🏢 Cottage Massage and Art

Member: Barbara Friedman

Phone: 707-696-2009

Batchelder Trucking

🏢 Batchelder Trucking

Member: Batchelder Trucking


🏢 Beekind

Member: Beekind

Phone: 707-824-2905

Bill Williams

🏢 BoDean Forestville Quarry

Member: Bill Williams

Phone: 707-576-8205

Category: Building Contractors, Quarries

Burke's Canoe Trips

🏢 Burke’s Canoe Trips

Member: Burke's Canoe Trips

Phone: (707) 887-1222

Category: Outdoor Activities


🏢 Sonoma Station

Member: Chris

Phone: 415-846-1503

Category: Restaurants, Retail, Wineries/Tasting Rooms

Chris ONeill

🏢 Calcko Properties

Member: Chris ONeill

Phone: 707-388-8000

Category: Real Estate

Doug Wood

🏢 D.W. Enterprises

Member: Doug Wood

Phone: 707-887-9668

Category: Building Contractors, Business Services, Construction

Earl Stephens

🏢 Forestville Mobile Home Park

Member: Earl Stephens

Phone: 707-481-7637

Ed Tollefson

🏢 Barham Self Storage Inc

Member: Ed Tollefson

Phone: 707-527-7794

Category: Storage Facility

FFT Foodbank

🏢 Food for Thought

Member: FFT Foodbank

Phone: 707-887-1647

Category: Non-Profit

Forestville Planning Association

🏢 Forestville Planning Association

Member: Forestville Planning Association

Phone: 707-887-1985

Category: Business Services, Community Organizations

Gary Harris

🏢 Sequoia Properies

Member: Gary Harris

Phone: 707-887-7595


🏢 GoLocal

Member: GoLocal

Greg Sanford

🏢 Greg Sanford Construction, Inc.

Member: Greg Sanford

Phone: 707-322-2262

J Condon

🏢 Hollydale Community Clubhouse

Member: J Condon

Phone: 707-887-0330

Category: Community Organizations, Non-Profit, Restaurants

J. Hart

🏢 The Hart Group

Member: J. Hart

Phone: 707-528-3010

Category: Business Services, Financial Services

Jamie Dunton

🏢 Russian River Utilities

Member: Jamie Dunton

Phone: 707-887-7735

Category: Utilities

Jeff Knirck

🏢 Equipment Solutions Inc

Member: Jeff Knirck

Phone: 4082029517

Category: Engineering and Manufacturing

Jeff Leyden

🏢 Von Renner Construction and Excavation

Member: Jeff Leyden

Phone: 707-869-0901

Category: Building Contractors, Construction, Landscaping Services & Supplies

Kent Ritchie

🏢 Poplar Vineyards (Ritchie Vineyards)

Member: Kent Ritchie

Category: Vineyards


🏢 Korbel Champagne Cellars

Member: Korbel

Phone: 707-824-7000

Lisa Sheppard

🏢 Artisan Southeby’s International Realty

Member: Lisa Sheppard

Phone: 707-483-9990

Category: Real Estate

Matthew Froneberger

🏢 Forestville Water District

Member: Matthew Froneberger


Nuccio Ferlito

🏢 Bank of the West

Member: Nuccio Ferlito

Phone: 707-887-3320

Category: Banking, Financial Services

Peter Summers

🏢 Forestville Pharmacy

Member: Peter Summers

Phone: 707-887-2260

Category: Pharmacies, Retail

Rocky Carlson

🏢 Empire Tile

Member: Rocky Carlson

Rocky Flowers

🏢 Flowers Trucking

Member: Rocky Flowers

Phone: 707-887-2361

Category: Business Services, Construction

Rod Berglund

🏢 Joseph Swan Vineyards

Member: Rod Berglund

Phone: (707) 573-3747

Category: Vineyards, Wineries/Tasting Rooms

Ron Abler, CPA

🏢 Ronald C. Abler, CPA

Member: Ron Abler, CPA

Phone: 707-546-0424

Category: Accountants, Financial Services

Russian River Vineyard / Corks Rest. Russian River Vineyard / Corks Rest.

🏢 Russian River Vineyard / Corks Rest.

Member: Russian River Vineyard / Corks Rest. Russian River Vineyard / Corks Rest.

Phone: 707-887-3344

Sandy Glover

🏢 Glover’s Score Books

Member: Sandy Glover

Phone: 707-887-2812

Category: Retail

Sarah Vantrease

🏢 Forestville Community Library

Member: Sarah Vantrease

Phone: (707) 887-7654

Category: Books, Education, Non-Profit

Sean Bressie

🏢 Sonoma County Mowing & Tractor Services

Member: Sean Bressie

Phone: 844-MOW-SOCO

Category: Agriculture, Property Management, Landscaping Services & Supplies

Shauna Lorenzen

🏢 The Exchange Bank

Member: Shauna Lorenzen

Phone: 707-524-3436

Suzanne Ash

🏢 Suzanne Ash Real Estate powered by EXP Realty

Member: Suzanne Ash

Phone: 707-495-9133

Category: Real Estate

Wendel Trappe

🏢 Canyon Rock Co.

Member: Wendel Trappe

Phone: 707-887-2207

Category: Construction, Quarries, Landscaping Services & Supplies

Wendi Gianni

🏢 Shear Pleasure Salon

Member: Wendi Gianni

Phone: 707-887-2561

Category: Beauty Services, Retail